The Best Color Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Give Your Kitchen a New Look This Year

Looking forward to remodeling your kitchen? This is the time you would think more about what color to use. You may probably think about coloring the cabinets with blue and red or may feel like painting a large space in your kitchen with green or smoothing gray.

Whatever comes to your mind should be welcoming. And, if you are mystified search out an “interior paint color consultant near me” who can get you the best ideas to set your kitchen remodeling project in motion.

A little while ago, kitchens only had limited styles and colors. But now, looking to the way people are willing to decorate this part of their house, there are an array of exciting color schemes.

If you meet professional color consultants they will offer you a general idea about different color schemes that can work in your modern cooking space.

Whether you have a big house or small, a penthouse apartment or a traditional house, trendy wall and cabinet paints are the easiest and cost-effective alternative to modify your kitchen style.

Let’s see more ideas about kitchen colors that are in trend now. 

Light Green – Brighten up your cooking space with cool mint; the light green color. It will make your kitchen area look quite, pleasing, and bright. Light green is the best option to give your area the modern look with a vintage feel.

Muted Green – This color blends well with a soft touch of hazel yellow and brown color. This color will give your kitchen area an interesting sandy look which will blend with particularly any décor. It can tie your kitchen with other shades in your house.

Classic Blue – Dark colors usually make the kitchen look congested. So, use the lighter version, i.e. classic blue. This color, if used in the right combination, will give you the coastal feel.

Relish Orange – This will give your kitchen a bold, crisp, and clean look. Combine it with soft and light colors to give your area the formal look. Recommendation! pair it with grey color. Your decision won’t go wrong.

Creamy Yellow – Yellow is undoubtedly a classic color. Use it with right shades to get your kitchen an attractively different look. The shade looks soft and old fashioned but will give your area the modern twist.

Charcoal – It is the best option to hide stain marks from the kitchen walls. This is indeed the perfect color if you want to give your kitchen the sophisticated, darker, and intimate look.

Light Gray – Choose the lightest possible gray shade; the scheme that more or less look like soft brown. Paint your cabinets with this color. It will give your cook’s room a uniform look with the real traditional feel.

Bright White – This color is eternal; will never be old-fashioned. Paint your kitchen with the bright white to give your busy space an open, flawless, and crisp look. If paired with iron hardware, this color will give your cabinets the timeless feel.

Use the Right Combinations of Colors

Choosing the right combination of colors plays a major role. The combination of your cabinets and kitchen wall colors will change the entire feel of your room. Which scheme goes well with your house décor? The best combination of colors are-

  • 2 shades of similar color, like light blue and dark blue
  • Barn red and sage green
  • Leaf green and white
  • Bright red and dark black.
  • Cool gray and slightly dark orange.
  • Aqua and white
  • Greenish blue and pale gray
  • Hot red with light yellow

Color combination isn’t really a mixture of different colors. Shades of the same color are also in trend. If you like the color blue, you can combine your space with tint blue and classic blue.

Trust professionals for the best options

If you are residing in Brampton or nearby location in GTA, professionals residential painting services provider such as can help you find the right color scheme for your kitchen remodeling project. Share your requirements with them and sit relaxed aside.

The quotes these professionals offer cover both- the material and labor charges. Still, it is advisable to be particular and confirm with the company. Professional painters are experienced and well-trained to offer you the best recommendations and services.

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