The Best Color Scheme For Every Room In Your Home


Finding the perfect color palette for your home can be a very difficult task. After all, each room has a different purpose and creates a different ambiance, and although it would be nice if there was such a thing as a “universal color palette” that could fit any room, the truth of the matter is that picking the best color scheme is the result of trial and error. Before considering possible color schemes, you should try to familiarize yourself with the basics to color theory. Colors aren’t just used for aesthetic purposes; they can also be used to influence your mood since color affects us on a psychological level.


The kitchen is the most used room in a house and perhaps one of the most difficult spaces to develop a color scheme for. Typically, warm colors are what’s best for the kitchen, as they can help stimulate your appetite, especially red. Colors like red can some with a multitude of uses, as there are countless shades that can be used in an aesthetically pleasing combination. White is also a good option, as it is known to make rooms appear open and can help people feel more awake and refreshed. Try experimenting with a white and red combination; you’ll surprise yourself with how inviting your kitchen will become.


Your bedroom is where you go to relax and rest. It’s your own personal space, and it’s only natural that you would want to feel comfortable in your space. The color blue is said to help people relax, as it can contribute to a slowed heart and respiratory rate and is believed to be able to lower blood pressure. While blue can be a serene color, you should also be aware that if the wrong shade is used, a room can come across as cold and uninviting. If you choose blue as your main color, add in some warmer tones for balance. A spot of yellow here and there will do wonders for your bedroom.


A strong neutral base or an earthy tone would be best for your bathroom; many homes already follow this trend, as it is easy to pair with other colors. Since the bathroom is the wettest room in the house, you should also look into installing ceramic tiles onto your floor and walls; be creative with size and color. Suppose the main color of your bathroom is a neutral gray. Now, what colors can you pair up with the gray to complement it? The answer is simple: almost anything. If you’re interested in some festive details here and there, try throwing in some pink for an interesting combination.

Living room

Like the bedroom, the living room is supposed to be a place that is calming and serene. You can try to use blues with warm accents for your living room, and that would be perfectly acceptable, or you can try to shake up your interior design. Green helps promote restfulness and can also help create an atmosphere that is conducive to socializing. Green is probably the most versatile color, as it can be used in almost any room in your home, so why not use green in your living room? It’s cool enough to help you unwind but still has enough warmth to promote bonding and togetherness.


Once you are ready to start transforming your home, call a local house painter to get it done correctly. While there are many interior painters to choose from, make sure to choose one that is insured and professional.

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