The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield

By Paul Zemit (Chicago)

You know the problems, bad plaster or over-cut drywall around the Outlets & Switches. What a Time Consuming PAIN to repair!

Finally, there is a quick and easy way to repair this time-consuming problem area with the power on! OPSS is a three-sided plaster guide tool that covers the device face, wiring & terminals and allows for complete plaster repair all the way to the electrical box! Not a Thin “EGGSHELL” Patch!

Works in Drywall OR Plaster! Great For DIYers! – AND Pros – Save Time – 30 Repairs Guaranteed – YOU SAVE MONEY!

  • No Need to Turn Off the POWER! Use Switches & Plugs During Repair!
  • With OPSS’ – Plaster JUST to the original Surface.
  • No Feathering – Less Sanding – Less Mess – Less Work!


Check it out at www.OPSS.Pro and see this Cool New Product in Action!

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    The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield is available at , ,

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