The Perfect Colors for a Modern Master Bedroom

By jessica

Say goodbye to frilly pinks and fruity peaches, today’s modern master bedroom is an example of smooth, clean lines and luxurious colors. Flowery wallpaper and pastels galore are decors of the past and do not suit a modern master bedroom. Whether looking to create a light, airy feel or a dark, sumptuous decor, the perfect colors for a modern master bedroom can be easily found.

Alight in White

One of the most perfect colors for today’s modern master bedroom is the sheer absence of color itself. A white bedroom can provide a cool, crisp look that speaks of luxury and relaxation. It creates a feeling of purity and sacred space, which are ideal for a master bedroom retreat. Imagine thick, white carpets on which an elegantly warm brass bed, piled high with white down comforters and plump throw pillows, sits in a master bedroom that more closely resembles a spa than just another room in the house.

Black is Back

For the ultimate in modern master bedroom colors for the bachelor, choose an elegant black accented with silver. This modern take on decorating inspires mystery and passion. Choose black satin for sheets and covers to create a rich, supple feel to the room. Accent the black with silver side lamps and curtain rod finials, as well as, switch plates and outlet covers. The small details make all the difference in a black color scheme.

Blues Too

Blue is an ever present option for bedroom colors. In a modern master bedroom, a Tiffany blue accented with white is a great choice. The every popular French Country look works well in a master bedroom to create a feeling of romance and wealth. Cool, pastel blues are out, but blues with warmer undertones make a terrific statement in a modern bedroom decor. Even navy blues work well, as long as, they are accented with whites or creams.

Cranberry Red

Bright, fire engine reds work better in children’s rooms, but a deep, cranberry red is perfect for a modern master bedroom. Paired with a warm cream, cranberry red is a romantic color that evokes a sense of spirit and vitality. When using it in a master bedroom, paint the walls of a large room cranberry red and accent the room with a flowered cream and cranberry bed spread. For the smaller master bedroom, opt for cream colored walls, cranberry area rugs and a wingback chair upholstered in a cranberry/cream floral motif. Work with the color to brighten the room, while also providing a rich, modern feel.

The perfect color for a modern master bedroom really depends on the people who will be inhabiting the room. Look for colors that reflect their personalities and the energy they want to bring to the room. Home decorating magazines, online furniture and accessory retailers, as well as, home improvement store paint departments, can all offer ideas for decorating a modern master bedroom. Sometimes, browsing the paint chips in a paint store is the best way for inspiration to strike. Go with colors that feel welcoming, relaxing and warm for the very best effects.

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