Use a Tinted Primer Under Dark or Vibrant Colors

Many manufactures offer tinted primers specifically formulated to be used under dark colors. Plus, these same paint manufactures recommend using primers that are tinted to specific colors under many different paint colors for the best hiding and color holdout.

The use of deep and vibrant colors is on the increase. These “designer colors” tend to be very dark and intense, meaning they are pure colors.

In order to achieve the proper color, the paint must be tinted in a deep or clear base. These bases contain a minimal amount of white pigment, which promotes hiding.

Advantages of Using a Tinted Primer

Many paint color systems recommend using gray tint primers under deep reds and blues. These primers range from medium gray to almost black. Which shade is best depends on the color. All paint manufactures have recommended primer colors for their deep toned paint colors.

Although the list of benefits is impressive by itself, the biggest benefit it cost savings. The amount of labor and finish paint is reduced. This could add up quickly.

  • Will reduce the number of finish coats required to achieve the depth and richness of dark and vibrant colors.
  • The color will be clean, sharp and true. Providing the sharpest clarity from the finish coat.
  • Evens the sheen of topcoats. Reduces sheen differences in the topcoat.
  • Reduces picture framing and color streaking from rolling the finish.
  • Seals porous surfaces, providing a smooth finish.


These primers are available in both acrylic and alkyd formulations to meet the needs of almost any surface. Talk to your paint store clerk about the need for tinting your primer for your paint color.

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