Tips for Choosing Paint Colors Before Putting Your House on the Market

By jessica

The last thing potential buyers want to see when looking for a new place to call home are walls that require painting, and this is why it is important to choose wall colors wisely before putting a house on the market.

You might love peony pink highlighted by a black border covered in green ivy and trimmed in gold, but potential buyers might not be impressed. Chances are they will not notice how well the color of the walls mesh with the flower garden just beyond the bedroom window. Instead they will consider the hours of work it will take to paint and make the room acceptable with their home furnishing, decorating accents, and personal taste.

Of course no matter which colors are chosen, someone will voice their disapproval, but choosing a color that works well for most is a wise way to draw the interest of potential buyers and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Paint Colors that Visually Expand a Space

Before putting your house on the market and choosing new paint colors, consider the size of the rooms. Light cool colors will add the illusion of square footage. Do the ceilings appear low? High ceilings help make a home look and feel airy and expansive, even if square footage says otherwise. Paint the ceilings white to add visual height to low ceilings. Paint the ceiling the same light cool color as the walls to make a room appear larger from ceiling to floor.

Color selections should depend upon the colors of flooring and other important factors, but in any case a new coat of well-chosen paint can visually expand a space and make the home more desirable to potential buyers.

Important Considerations When Selecting Bedroom Wall Colors

Keep colors gender-neutral when painting bedroom walls. Those who are searching for the perfect place to call home might not want bedrooms painted petal pink or sailor blue. Instead, consider the color of flooring, and choose the best selection for each individual room. For example, in a bedroom with blue frieze carpeting, opt for creamy tan walls. Potential buyers will be less likely to pass up the home because of color conflicts. Anyone can live with tan walls even if the color of flooring is not what they truly want, at least for the time being.

Paint Colors to Create an Impressive Living Room and Foyer

More often than not, the living room is visible from the entryway door, and first impressions really do mean a lot, especially when trying to impress potential buyers. Does the living room appear small and inadequate? Paint the living room and foyer chalk white to meld the two areas into one. White may appear stark, but it will visually expand a space. Add warmth to the room with a bouquet of fresh flowers and wall hangings that match the style of the space. The entryway and living room will look larger than ever and make a fantastic first impression.

Kitchen Colors that Appeal to Potential Buyers

Take a look at interior photos of homes for sale online. Chances are you will find photos of kitchens painted in less than desirable colors. Bold colors are a good option for some, but when trying to sell a home, darker or brighter colors just might have some potential buyers seeing red. A kitchen can make or break the sale of a home, and it should be painted in a neutral color that will visually expand the space while providing viable possibilities for potential buyers. Select creamy beige and you cannot go wrong. Add a touch of color and brightness to the room with attractive window treatments and stylish wall decor. Potential buyers will be able to visually place their personal belongings in your home without having to paint right away.

The colors you choose before putting your house on the market really can make the difference between selling and staying and between profiting and accepting less than desired. Choose colors wisely and take the time to neutralize the home. It is true that you cannot please everyone, but you can do your best to make the home appealing to the majority, and selecting neutral wall colors is one of the very best ways to begin.

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  1. I usually love using a pure white on all of my walls.

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