Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Color for the Master Bedroom

By jessica

Choosing paint can be frustrating and confusing, plus small paint color samples on tiny cards do not provide enough of a sample to really see what the end results will look like on master bedroom walls. The painter must have a vivid imagination and be able to envision that one-inch square completely covering the walls and what looks good on a tiny square might not look nearly as wonderful on master bedroom walls.

People are often disappointed when master bedroom walls are covered in a hue that is too bright or too dark, and they regret the time and money spent on the job. Worst of all, unless they do not mind repainting, and possibly priming shortly after the paint dries, they are stuck indefinitely with a paint color they really do not like. The paint color in a master bedroom is important, and the following tips and advice will help you choose just the right hue for the room. Paint is definitely the least expensive way to make the greatest impact, and that impact should be a positive one.

Size Consideration

A small room will look smaller than ever if painted in a darker shade. When considering paint for a small master bedroom, choose light colors. This is the least inexpensive way to add the illusion of square footage without remodeling.

In addition, the color of the ceiling is also an important consideration when choosing paint. Choose white to add the illusion of height to the room, and paint the ceiling the same light color as the walls to expand the look of the entire space. Color has the power to completely transform a room, and unless the room is already large, go with crisp light colors that will give the room an open and airy feel.

Mood Matters

The master bedroom is a haven for relaxation and a place to unwind. The color of the walls should promote rest and create serene ambience, this is why it is important to choose the right paint color to set the mood of the master bedroom.

Cool light colors such as blue, green, lavender, or creamy neutral hues are ideal for master bedroom walls, and the options are virtually endless. When shopping for paint for the master bedroom you will find hundreds of cool color options, and many paint stores will match specific colors when a sample is provided.

Awkward Angles

Many people wonder what paint color to choose for a master bedroom with awkward angles, but the same applies for a bedroom with a more interesting perspective as a basic bedroom that is square or rectangular in shape. No matter what color you choose, the light will play on the colors and change the way they are viewed, but this is a definite plus. Corners will appear darker at times, and walls that vary in shade depending upon lighting will add interest and definite appeal to the room.

Add More Color with Accent Pieces

If lighter hues are not your style but you do not want to go too bold with wall paint colors, choose colorful accent pieces for the master bedroom. Add drama to the space with color-coordinating throw pillows, bedding, and eye-grabbing wall décor. Unlike paint, accent pieces can be changed with little effort if they do not meet expectations. They will add vibrancy and color to the room without too much commitment. If the colors of accent pieces are too energetic or heavy, they can easily be replaced with something more suitable.

Try It First

Instead of taking a chance with a color you are not sure about, do not try and make a decision using tiny paint chip samples. Choose a high-quality brand that offers small bottles of color to sample, or invest in a single quart of a chosen paint color.

Paint a piece of poster board instead of the wall, and after the paint has dried, place the extra-large sample on the wall in many different positions. Place the color next to flooring, next to window treatments, and next to master bedroom furnishings, and stand back to get a more realistic idea of how it will look on walls. This is one of the best ways to make sure you will be happy with the results, and although it will take a little time and a small investment, you will end up with the right color to complete the haven for relaxation that you have always wanted.

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