Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

By jessica

When considering ways to revive the worn and familiar cabinets in your kitchen, painting is a less expensive option that is not as difficult as you may think. Replacing old cabinets can get expensive quickly, and re-varnishing or staining can be a big project. Choosing paint over these options not only enables you to be more creative on your own, but to also save money by doing the work yourself. Cabinets tend to make the room as they take up so much space. Giving them a new look can make the entire kitchen appear different and new.

Themes, Ideas and Using What You Have

Choose a color that accents the more permanent fixtures within the kitchen, and not just the wall colors. Painting the walls will be much easier than trying to match the tile and counter-tops to your selected color. Choose a color that will accent the less noticeable veins of color in marble tiles or counter-tops, or to highlight wood fixtures. Also consider that cabinets see a lot of use, and will need to be cleaned, therefore you will want to make sure that you select a paint that has a nice, washable sheen. As cabinets tend to take up more space in the kitchen than anything else, including overall wall space, you will want everything to tie in to your main color theme when you are finished.

If your kitchen receives a lot of natural light during the day, and has darker tile or counters, lighter colored paint for your cabinets will make the room appear more spacious. It will also give it a nice, clean look. If your flooring, counters or appliances are all lighter colored, don’t be afraid to choose a darker color for the cabinets. This can be a beautiful and bold accent that will make the lighter colors pop and bring out the fixtures with a nice contrast.

If your kitchen has an island in the center or a butcher’s block, you may consider using a different color for it to help accent the other colors overall. This can help bring the entire room together with multiple colors in a single theme.

Don’t Be Afraid

Choosing a dark color for your cabinets, such as a deep gray, and then sponging on a lighter gray over top while allowing the dark color to show through will give the cabinets a modern feel. This method still allows you to make use of classic, sophisticated colors. Lighter colors, such as bright yellow, over top of wood grain will give the kitchen a more rustic, country kitchen feel.

Try out different painting techniques to give the cabinets a textured feeling, or mix and match colors to go along with your kitchen’s overall theme. The wonderful thing about paint is that it is not as permanent or hard to change as other elements of remodeling. If you start painting, then decide you don’t like the color, and then don’t be afraid to change your mind. You are only limited by your own imagination.

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  1. Doug

    Thank you Jessica for your tips on how to update a space with out a complete remodel. We here at Paint Brush Corp. find that painting can have a huge impact on a space, with out the expense of a remodel.


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