Unlikely Colors for Fashioning an Unorthodox Nursery

The typical nursery is awash in pale shades of pinks, blues and yellows. For the parent who has more unorthodox taste, those very colors may be anything but desirable. On trend colors and those that may make the traditional parent’s taste wince, might prove to be ideal for the unconventional nursery. Although some of the choices below may be unlikely colors for a traditional nursery, when fashioning an unorthodox nursery they are perfect.

Plum Perfect

Nothing says royalty like purple. Bright, bold, deep hued purple is not the color found in a typical baby’s room, but it is a great color for unconventional decorating. A white shag carpet, and bold plum walls make the room pop. Add purple and white polka dot letters spelling the child’s name on the wall, purple bedding and a funky white/purple design on the bedroom curtains for the ultimate in funky nursery decor. Shy away from soft violets and lighter hues; opt instead for the regal purples that will add a whole new dimension to the bedroom’s style.

Orange You Glad

Spread some happiness and cheer with a bright orange nursery design. Very few decorators incorporate the bright orange of a Tiger Lily into a baby’s room, but for the unconventional designer, orange is all the rage. Opt for a bright, happy orange, as opposed to a pumpkin or 1970s orange with a great deal of yellow undertone. Make the orange either the main color, or an accent color for a mostly white room. Orange bedding, curtains and wall decor will most likely need to be handcrafted, as not many baby bedding manufacturers offer orange in their designs. Have fun making the perfect pieces to showcase the room and fill it with a feeling of joy.

Real Teal

Teal is the perfect shade for those parents who cannot choose between green and blue. It reminds of the ocean and all things earthy, while adding vitality and life to the room. Although teal carpet is available, it may be better to pair this aquatic color with a tan floor covering or something less bright. Accent colors that work well with teal include grey, yellow and even an orange-red. They are all equally as powerful on their own, but when combined with the fresh look of teal, the colors pop.

Mean Green

The luck of the Irish will be upon the nursery when decorated with a bright Kelly Green. This unorthodox color for bedroom decorating is even more unusual in a baby’s room, but it can bring a great deal of life to the space. Particularly appropriate for celebrating Irish heritage, Kelly green is a bold, but beautiful choice to use in nursery decorating.

Unconventional parents can relish the fact that the nursery decors no longer need to be bland and boring. Unlikely colors in the room can create a one of a kind look that will brighten the space and make it truly unique. Do not be afraid to push away pastels and opt for brighter hues in the nursery instead.

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