Using An Accent Paint Color Create a Focal Point With an Accent Color

Using an accent paint color on a wall is an economical and versatile decorating technique that can serve several purposes. Because such a small space is covered, you save on prep time- and a quart of paint, even if it’s top-shelf, is one of the cheapest ways to create an individualized spaced. Which wall to accent depends on your overall plan for the room.

Many people use accent walls to enhance existing focal points, such as a plasma TV, fabulous built-ins, or a fireplace. If you are lucky enough to have such an eye-catching feature in your room, congratulations! The wall behind it is the perfect place for an interesting pop of color.

Open style living room with two seperate accent paint colors.In large, open rooms (such as a converted warehouse or loft), it can be difficult to determine where one space ends and another begins. Using accent walls, furniture groupings, and throw rugs can help define separate areas, separating a living space from a dining area, for example. Arranging furniture against the accent wall ties everything together and creates the feeling of a smaller “room” within a large space.

For the most impact, your accent wall should be a clean, unbroken expanse of color. If you have nothing special to accentuate, and your living areas are well-defined, use the room’s largest wall to showcase your accent paint color. The eye is naturally drawn to such a large, smooth space; using a contrasting color here will simply help things along.

For the same reason, you should avoid using an exterior wall with a lot of windows and doors as your accent wall. These details can serve as a distraction, creating a busy look and directing the eye away from the focal point you’re trying to create.

Consider whether the accent wall will be visible from other rooms. If so, it should harmonize not only with it’s own room, but also with the adjoining space. A vibrant red accent in the kitchen can look garish from the (purple) living room.

Finally, don’t think that your accent “wall” has to cover a whole wall. A large, colorful rectangle on one wall can provide the perfect foil for a group of pictures. A bold, vertical stripe can be used as a measuring stick to judge your kids’ growth over the years. Use a dark color, and mark lightly, and the pencil marks won’t even show from a distance!

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