Using Basic Shapes to Paint Wall Murals

By jessica

Wall murals come in many different styles and themes. Some are elaborate and some are simplistic. If you want to create a wall mural in your own home, but your painting skills are more that of an elementary student than they are of a famous artist, the thought of a mural can be daunting. Thankfully, for those of us without a lot of artistic ability, there are ways to create whimsical wall murals in no time. One of the best ways to overcome a lack of artistic talent is to use basic shapes to create a mural.

Crazy Kids

Figures of children are some of the easiest things to create using basic shapes. With triangle bodies, circle heads and lines for arms and legs, your mural children will be the cutest things in town. Keep them bald or add curly lines for hair. If you think the boys look too feminine with triangle bodies, use a rectangle for the upper body and a square for the shorts. Keep in mind that this will be a fun and whimsical mural that is perfect for any playroom, children’s bathroom or family room.

Flower Power

Decorate your teen girl’s bedroom walls with flowers made from triangles and circles. You can make them as wild in color as you like for a truly unique look. Use the circle for the center of the flower and the triangles as the petals. You can also use ovals for the petals if you prefer a less angular look. Mix it up and add flowers of both types to your walls for a varied mural.

Forest Through the Trees

Tall, narrow triangular trees are perfect for creating a forest on any wall. Use them for a living room, den, or bedroom mural. One tree or 20, the number of trees depends solely on how much you want to paint and the look you are trying to create. Use different shades of green to add highlights and to give the perception of depth depending on how far away the trees are from the viewer.

The Wheels on the Car

Every little boy loves cars and trucks, and luckily for mom and dad, they are easy to paint in a mural using basic shapes. A rectangle is perfect for the body of a car, while circles are ideal for wheels. Use other basic shapes to add in windows, headlights and other car parts. You can paint one large car on the wall, or extend the wall mural around the room by painting smaller cars on a painted black road. Use your imagination and creativity to help you.

There are many different types of murals that effectively use basic shapes as their main starting points. If, after you have used basic shapes, you feel like you are ready to branch out to different looks, try adding other types of lines and free form shapes for variety. With a desire to create and a willingness to try a new technique, you can quickly transform your dull walls into fabulous ones.

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