Using Stencils to Decorate the Family Room

By jessica

Creating a unique look in the family room can be challenging. The room is used by many different family members and usually for many different purposes all on the same day. Stenciling is a great way to convey the theme of the room, the family’s passions and interests, and the words that the family lives by.

The ideas below will give you some starting points for different ways that stencils can be used in a family room setting to create some personalization and interest in your home.

Wall of Stencils

For extra pizzazz and detail, consider stenciling the family room walls. There are a few different ways that this can be done.

Stencil a fleur de lis pattern along the top seam of the wall where it meets the ceiling for a sophisticated look. Choose a stencil that fits the theme of the room and paint it randomly all over the walls; two good themes for this idea are polka dots or stars. Stenciling family members’ names along the wall at a chair rail height is a great way to personalize the space in a relatively easy way.

Remember that if pre-made stencils cannot be found to suit your needs, you can create your own stencil with a sheet of acetate from a craft store. Wall stencils can be big, like a tree on the main wall of the room, or small, like a tiny mouse stenciled in one obscure corner of the family room. Have fun choosing stencils and adding them to your family room walls.

Fabric Stenciling

Walls are not the only parts of the family room that can be stenciled. Fabric can be stenciled with specially designed fabric paint. Plain slip-covered pillows can quickly be given new life and personality by using some of the same wall stencils on them. First initials are also fun to stencil on family room pillows, because it gives each family member his or her own special pillow. If two family members have the same first initial, use different color paints or add middle initials to distinguish between the two.

Fabric stenciling can also be done on family room curtains, lampshades and even on the area rug. Be sure to use paint that is specifically rated for fabric and follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper painting techniques.

Accessory Stenciling

Once the walls and the fabric have had their turn, it is time to add some stenciling accents to the living room’s accessories. Baskets, bins, picture frames and more can all benefit from some coordinating stencils.

Use the same or similar stencils that are used on the walls or fabrics on the accessories to tie the look together. Keep proportions in mind when picking stencils though, because a small accessory will quickly look out of place with a large stencil that does not quite fit. Have fun choosing plain pieces that will fit in with the room’s decor, but that will also look great as a stencil accented piece.

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