Wallpaper for a Kid’s Room

By jessica

When it comes to decorating the walls of a child’s room, the first thought is usually of paint. Unfortunately, in many older homes, the walls can be in poor shape and painting will only emphasize their rough condition. Instead of trying to hang posters, prints and vinyl clings in strategic spots around the room to cover those flaws in the wall, wallpaper the room instead.

There are some great options for kids’ room wallpaper that can help transform the room into a creative space for a child to dream and imagine. Use the ideas below to get you started.

Scenic View

If there is only one problem wall in the room, there is no need to wallpaper the whole space. Instead, choose a scenic picture that has been transferred onto a wall-size wallpaper mural and hang it on the wall. This not only helps to cover the wall with dings, dents, and blemishes, but it also provides a fun focal point for the room. There are mural scenes with baseball fields for your Little League star and garden scenes for your little princess. No matter what scene you select, make sure that it is kid-friendly and something that will last your child for years to come.

Paintable Paper

If your little tyke has his heart set on a lime green bedroom wall, use paintable wallpaper to help make that happen. Paintable paper gets hung like regular wallpaper, but is crafted to allow for surface painting. You can choose textured wallpaper with an intricate design for a little girl’s room or something simpler for a little boy’s bedroom. Once the paper is hung, you can use any color paint you would like to paint the walls. This is an especially good choice for matching unusual or tricky bed linen colors or designs.

Kid Prints

In addition to wallpaper with fruits and stripes, manufacturers are also realizing that kid-prints are popular for the younger set. Whether you are searching for a football theme wallpaper or one with ballet slippers and tutus, there are wallpaper designs that are now made to meet those needs. When you are searching for the perfect pattern, choose a paper that is strong and durable. Washable wallpaper is also much preferred, as children tend to get bedroom walls dirty a lot faster than adults do in other areas of the house. Durable wallpaper will last for many years and provide much better wall coverage than a flimsy, inexpensive wallpaper will.

Wallpapering a child’s bedroom is a great alternative to dealing with walls that have greater needs than painting can fix. Do not hesitate to explore the option of wallpaper, because you think it may be too costly. While high-quality wallpaper is slightly more expensive than painting an entire room with primer and paint, it will last a lot longer and make your walls look smooth and even. Let your child get involved in picking out the wallpaper to ensure that it is a look and style that he will enjoy for many years to come.

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