When Not to Paint Without a Professional

By jessica

Every savvy do-it-yourself homeowner has, at one time or another, scoffed at the thought of calling a professional painter. Why bother, he may ask himself; after all, it is only paint. However, there are times when a professional is the only way to go. If you are about to embark on a paint job in your own home, take a look at the times when calling a professional painting contractor is probably the best option and save yourself time and money instead of trying to do it yourself.

Way Up There

Does your home have really high walls and vaulted ceilings? Unless you have a ladder tall enough to reach those areas and feel extremely confident on the ladder itself, it is best to have a contractor paint those areas for you. Some homes have ceilings that are so high that the use of scaffolding is sometimes the best and safest option for painting those areas. Do not attempt to paint areas that will have you reaching and trying to stand on your tiptoes to paint properly. Not only will the paint job look unattractive, but the danger to your safety is just not worth it.

Faux Finishes

Are you detail oriented and slightly compulsive about how your walls look? If you are and you want to have a faux finish in your room, you may want to save yourself a lot of time and hire a professional. Not only will a professional get the job done quickly, but he or she will be able to do it with a quality that you, as a first time faux finish painter, might never achieve. Faux finishing takes a long time to do properly and unless you have the patience and time to master it before attempting it on your walls, it is best to call a painting contractor.

Exterior Essentials

Just like you do not want to be stretching on your tiptoes inside the house to reach those high ceilings, nor do you want to be stretching to reach those exterior boards and ledges on your home as you attempt to repaint. A licensed painter can make sure that the paint is applied properly after sanding the area and priming it, as well as making sure that the risk of injury is reduced by having the proper equipment. Even if you live in a single story home, it is best to let a contractor paint the exterior for the highest quality finish.

The thought of hiring a contractor may make do-it-yourself homeowners balk, but the alternative is to spend too much time and money on a job with poor results. This can mean that you have to call in a contractor anyway to correct your mistakes; this can be more expensive than calling a contractor to begin with. More importantly, a big paint job can put a homeowner at incredible risk. Your safety is more important than trying to complete a paint job without the help of a professional.

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