When Painting Watch The Temperture

(Lansing, Michigan, United Staes)

Just to let you know, when doing exterior painting, don’t do it in cold weather. The paint will dry slower. Instead do it when it is early and you have daylight. Or you can do it when it is windy outside.

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  1. Anonymous


    This is very useful tip to one and all…I know the right time to paint is summer and spring…but after reading your article I could learn how to keep the can too…

  2. Jolene

    I have to agree with Dale on this one. I work in retail paint and the most important thing to remember is to read the can. The can will give all the temperature guidelines you need. But remember if you live in a high humidity location to make sure you adjust the temperatures listed on the can. For ex; if it tells you not to paint in temps above 90 and it is humid deduct 5 to 10 degrees off what the label says. You do not want you paint to dry to quickly because it can cause blistering and peeling to the painted surface and makes your hard work worthless..

  3. Dale

    Actually, you want the paint to dry slow and never paint on windy days as you will attract airborne particulate onto the paint and will see streaking for sure. The only guidlines for temperature that you should be concerned with are the ones listed on the side of the can!

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