Why Use Low or No VOC Paints

By Brando Giron, Eco G Painters (San Diego, CA, USA)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are, essentially, fumes. They can be as pleasing and benign as the scent of a pine tree or as toxic as benzene. When it comes to painting, we’re talking about VOCs on the latter end.

The VOCs found in paints are solvents added to make them easier to apply; they have also been linked to respiratory problems in adults and children and ozone pollution. The EPA has even pegged some of the painting VOCs as being possibly carcinogenic. (Ever get a headache in a freshly-painted room? Blame the VOCs.)

That’s why we use paints certified to contain low or no VOCs by industry-independent testing organizations such as Greenguard, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), and Green Seal. In the past, low VOC paints were plagued by durability issues, but new generation paints such as Frazee Eco-Paints, AFM Safeco Paints, Benjamin Moore Eco-Paints, and Sherwin Williams Eco-Paints are all superior performers that also respect the environment. And that’s why we use them.

At Eco G, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of using a no/low VOC paint for interiors. Some believe that VOCs gases can vent for years, posing a health hazard long after that “fresh paint” smell has vanished in the wind.

Choose your interior paint wisely and enjoy the fresh air!

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