Cabinet Refinishing


Your entire kitchen or bathroom can look brand new simply by refurbishing your cabinets. The results can be dramatic.

Family members and guests will be impressed when they learn you did it yourself, and you’ll have plenty of extra cash that would have gone into someone else’s pocket. Not to mention the increased dollar value that cabinet refinishing adds to your house.

If your home is like most, then its heart is the kitchen. People tend to gather there. Often, by refinishing, you can have it look just the way you want, while saving thousands by not having to purchase new cabinets.

The look of your bathroom is important too. In fact the appearance of kitchens and bathrooms, more than any other rooms, will determine the resale value of a house. Re-doing cabinets in these rooms will deliver the biggest boost to home value with the least cost and effort.

Cabinet refinishing methods can be used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or any built-in cabinetry such as bookshelves.

Does the thought of refinishing cabinets yourself intimidate you? Many of the simple steps are manageable by even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Just remember to break the job down into smaller tasks, and you’ll get through them one at a time. Yes, a little discipline is required but as you patiently go through the steps, it’ll be worth it. You’ll be proud of what’s being created. You’ll see you don’t need the high level of skill you may have thought. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to breathe life into any room with cabinetry.

In the following articles, you’ll be guided through the prep of course, but also the possibilities and specific steps towards actually completing the job.

Good preparation is the first step toward mastering a cabinet refinishing project. Check out Wood Refinishing for additional steps and tips.

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