For a Lasting Paint Job – Choose the Correct Caulk

Using a high performance caulk to seal all gaps and cracks is a very important part of exterior painting. Plus, with interior applications it adds a decorative touch to painted woodwork.

There is a caulk for every type of surface and every possible job you are planning. Modern sealants have incredible elongation characteristics, are resistant to temperature extremes and harsh weather.

The use of sealants is a great way to save money and help the environment. In the summer the hot air can get into your home. In the winter the warmed air can leave your home. This is not good for your wallet.

Leaking causes your air conditioner or furnace to work harder and more often. Putting extra load on these appliances. This also adds to the wear and tear and premature death of this expensive equipment. Plus, the gaps and cracks around the exterior of your windows and doors can let in water. This water will cause damage to your walls and peel the paint. Also mold and insects can enter the walls through the same cracks.

Exterior caulking is one of the most important preparation steps before painting while interior caulking is often considered decorative, but applying the highest quality sealants to these areas is an important step of many house painting projects.

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