Choosing Interior Paint Colors

When you choose the appropriate interior paint colors for your home, you can revitalize every surface in your home. Walls, ceilings, doors, paneling and trim – all can contribute to minimizing “flaws” in your home and accenting those features that add serious “curb appeal” as visitors or buyers walk through your home.

There are thousands of color combinations available, yet your choices don’t stop there. The multiple paint sheens available also add to the many effects you can accomplish with interior paint.  If you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices, we’ve done our best here to create a resource that will help you take control of those options and make them work for you. You will find articles here on how to choose interior paint colors you will feel comfortable with.

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Don’t be Affraid of Color

Often my customers are hesitant to add dramatic paint colors to a room, even though they might have bright or vivid colors already in the room. These colors are often in the fabric of furniture or artwork. A great way to ...
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Finding the Right Paint Color for YOU.

By Jocelyn (California)
When you’ve finally made the decision to paint your home, the preliminary feeling of excitement in the decision often has a tendency to turn into a very strong feeling of being overwhelmed. While ...
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Go For It!

By Connie (Carlsbad, NM USA)
Find a color that you like, then go for it. Paint and work around with colors you already have around the house, accessories etc from other rooms. It works for me every time. Everything matches around the house! I get a lot of ...
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Home Painting Ideas

By Abe Knepp
The modern home has become so much more than the simple living space of ages past. With an increase in home ownership over the past century and the dizzying array of new modern conveniences coming out of the woodwork every ...
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How to Choose Interior Paint for House Painting

By Jason Thibodeaux - JMA Painters (Lafayette, LA 70506)
When it comes to choosing the right interior paint for your house painting project, it can be a little confusing for some people. House paint comes in many different paint finishes and it’s ...
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How To Decide On Kitchen Paint

By Scarlett (Houston, Texas)
Your kitchen is the heart of the home and you want a decor that really stands out and gives the kitchen a unique look and feel to it. Choosing kitchen paint colors is important because it will set the mood for that ...
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How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

By anonymous.
Small spaces require creative solutions that make the most out of every square foot. The first step in making a small space look and feel larger is to choose paint colors that provide a feeling of openness to the ...
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