Choosing Interior Paint Colors

When you choose the appropriate interior paint colors for your home, you can revitalize every surface in your home. Walls, ceilings, doors, paneling and trim – all can contribute to minimizing “flaws” in your home and accenting those features that add serious “curb appeal” as visitors or buyers walk through your home.

There are thousands of color combinations available, yet your choices don’t stop there. The multiple paint sheens available also add to the many effects you can accomplish with interior paint.  If you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices, we’ve done our best here to create a resource that will help you take control of those options and make them work for you. You will find articles here on how to choose interior paint colors you will feel comfortable with.

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The Perfect Paint for Playrooms

More and more families are focusing on providing their children with a designated playroom in the house. While this helps control the toy related clutter in other areas of the house, it can be challenging to figure ...
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Utilizing Accent Colors

We all love bold and vibrant colors. Yet most homeowners are reluctant to use bold paint colors in their home. Why? There are several reasons, I think. Firstly, too much of a single vibrant color can wash out a room and ...
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What Color to Paint an Office?

By JMA Painters LLC (Lafayette)
Besides your bedroom, you possibly spend more time in your office than anywhere else. Painting it a color that both calms and energizes, as well as being more attractive than the standard industrial gray or boring ...
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