Decorative Painting Techniques – Redecorating for the Price of Paint

Adding style throughout your home may be as simple as trying a decorative painting technique. No other interior remodeling effort costs less than taking paint and using it as part of your decorating scheme.

Depending on the technique, your results can be casual, quirky, or sophisticated. You can mimic the look of almost anything from ancient crumbling plaster walls to leather.

All you need is a collection of the right paints and the right tools.

Using Decorative Techniques to Hide Flaws

Every home has them. Flaws that detract from the beauty of the home. Decorative faux techniques offer a way to Sponge painting effects.camouflage a multitude of different interior flaws, including uneven and damaged drywall and walls that aren’t quite plumb.

  • Geometric designs such as stripes can make a room seem smaller or larger than it really is.
  • You can also make a room seem larger by using a color wash in a cool light color over a warm off-white base color.
  • Color washing, lime-washing and sponging can take dents in drywall and turn them into shabby chic accents that look like they were planned.
  • Using paint with a matte finish for your decorative painting project will also help you hide flaws in the wall.
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