Decorative Painting Techniques – Redecorating for the Price of Paint

Adding style throughout your home may be as simple as trying a decorative painting technique. No other interior remodeling effort costs less than taking paint and using it as part of your decorating scheme.

Depending on the technique, your results can be casual, quirky, or sophisticated. You can mimic the look of almost anything from ancient crumbling plaster walls to leather.

All you need is a collection of the right paints and the right tools.

Using Decorative Techniques to Hide Flaws

Every home has them. Flaws that detract from the beauty of the home. Decorative faux techniques offer a way to Sponge painting effects.camouflage a multitude of different interior flaws, including uneven and damaged drywall and walls that aren’t quite plumb.

  • Geometric designs such as stripes can make a room seem smaller or larger than it really is.
  • You can also make a room seem larger by using a color wash in a cool light color over a warm off-white base color.
  • Color washing, lime-washing and sponging can take dents in drywall and turn them into shabby chic accents that look like they were planned.
  • Using paint with a matte finish for your decorative painting project will also help you hide flaws in the wall.
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Painting Faux Brick

If you would love to have brick on the inside of your home, the look can be created even if you are on a budget. You can make a wall look like brick very easily and inexpensively by using a technique called faux brick ...
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Painting Interior Brick

An easy way to put new life into a dingy fireplace or brick wall is by using paint. Painting interior brick is an easy project requiring a little patience and a few materials. These ideas can be used to add a little pizazz ...
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Painting Techniques

By Scarlett (Australia)
Using Different Painting Techniques Walls in a room serve as a bland background or as an exciting element in home décor. Different painting techniques can add texture, warmth and depth to walls in ways that enhance the ...
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Refinshing a Laminate Countertop

By Jeannie (Robards, Ky)
Our house was built in the early “90’s”. With all the blue, needless to say, I was a little tired of light blue. Here is a picture of it almost done. The total cost of refinishing the counters ...
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Removable Decals are a New Trend

By Andrew
In the last couple of years wall decals have become a rather popular trend, and a hot topic among younger decorators, especially. One reason for this is the fact that wall decals are removable – making them ...
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Smooshing Technique

By anonymous.
A couple of years ago, my expertise was called on by my mom to do something rather dramatic in the den for her. Dad, finally gave up his den area, because he spent more time in his basement workshop. Mom, on the other hand, ...
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Sponge Painting Your Walls

Sponge painting is so much fun you might feel as if you are not really painting. The look is great when it is complete, and it also hides imperfections on your wall. Many people are finding that doing this themselves is not only ...
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Sponge Painting

By Meghan Carter
Sponge painting is an easy faux finish that produces stunning results. This video demonstrates sponge painting techniques and shares sponge painting tips to help you achieve professional results in your home. *After viewing ...
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Stenciling Cabinets

By Meghan Carter
Use stenciling to add new life to your cabinets. Learning how to stencil cabinets, furniture and walls enables you beautifully personalize your home. This video takes you through the steps of how to add custom stencil patterns ...
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The Look of Fabric

When you stop to consider the possibilities of how to decorate your walls at a base level, the results are overwhelming. You could paint with a simple method, use a more advanced sponging technique, apply faux painting ...
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