Drywall Repair – A Common Problem In Every Home

Filling small hole with spackling paste.A common problem in almost every home is drywall repair. Anytime we are indoors we are usually surrounded by drywall – a less than perfect building material. It’s fragile, is easily ruined by a bit of water and can be a magnet for mould. Yes, there are water-resistant varieties now, but drywall can still be miserable. Just think of the first time you tried hanging a picture before realizing it’s not that simple on drywall.

However, we have not come up with anything better. It’s been around for decades, having replaced plaster. Plaster had far worse drawbacks. Among them, it takes forever to dry and is much more labor-intensive to install.

Drywall was a great idea because it’s like applying plaster except most of the messy work is done in a factory, and it’s shipped to your home ready to install. Before you know it the job is done, and only later do you realize that you tackled one of the most dreaded jobs of home remodeling. Repairing drywall is even easier.

No matter how well drywall is hung and finished, eventually it will need repairs. Daily life brings about all sorts of wear and tear, like doorknobs creating small holes in walls. Even if every adult, child and pet is a perfect family member and each manages to not cause any damage, natural processes will still slowly take hold.

The rigid materials that give our houses their structure eventually start to shift due to natural expansion and contraction. Drywall will crack. There’s no need to be anxious. Even extensive drywall damage is fixable, even if it means replacing large pieces. Most drywall repairs require just basic skills, tools and drywall patching mud.

The following articles will guide you on how to do most of the drywall repairs in your home.

Applying drywall mud to a large wall repair.

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Loose Drywall Tape Repair

Nothing makes a room look worse than peeling drywall tape. It’s easy to go blind to imperfections we see everyday, and loose drywall tape repair might not be high on your list of home-improvement priorities. But, ...
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I have performed many innovative experiments in my ventures. I am always looking for an easier way out. One such case came to me several years ago, there was a can light fixture hole left in a kitchen ceiling. This hole ...
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Patching Medium Sized Holes in Drywall

By Roger Woodward
This drywall video is about patching medium sized holes in drywall using a metal wall patch. It includes a tool list, applying the compound, finish sanding and painting the new drywall patch. * After viewing ...
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Patching Small Holes and Gouges in Drywall

By Roger Woodward
Drywall and plaster repair can be tough to learn, and a good drywall repair how to video is a sure way to gain extra insight into these topics. These drywall repair videos and plaster repair videos are ...
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Repair Drywall Dents & Nail Holes

By Adam ( Drywall-How-To.com)
The most common type of minor drywall problems for homeowners are drywall dents and nail holes. Repairing these drywall issues are generally well within the ability of the average homeowner. Little repairs such as ...
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Stomp & Drag

By Randal Walker (Martin, Tennessee)
I have been Stomping and Dragging ceilings for 16 years. I use a galvanized wash tub about 13 inches high. I mix my mud in a 5 gallon mud bucket. I then put the mud into the wash tub. Using a sheetrock Hawk, I put it into the mud in ...
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The Drywall Plug

By BPMI USA (Tigard, OR, USA)
I would like to introduce you to our drywall repair product called The Drywall Plug. It has the following Highlights: Easy to install Can be installed in 10 minutes or less Restores the structural integrity to the damaged area Is ...
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