Answer for Do I need to resand or reprime my trim after just painting it? The color is not right.

Most certainly you can paint over your existing paint without having to sand or prime. You've already done the hard work. The only problem I can foresee is with having the new "whiter" paint cover in one coat. The whiter the paint is the less tint in actually in the paint. Plus semi-gloss paints won't cover as well as flat or satin sheen paint.

One way of helping your new paint cover better is to have the paint store put a shot of white tint into the formula. This could change the color a bit, so talk to the sales person first. Another way is to apply a coat of exterior flat first, tinted to your new white. Then paint another coat with the semi-gloss.

Test the new white first before going through the trouble of painting with a flat first.

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