Answer for Roller Lines After The Paint Has Dried

The most likely cause is the way you rolled the paint and you have either no texture on your walls (smooth) or very little. When a paint, especially a quick drying acrylic, is rolled the roller nap leaves a slight stipple. This stipple has a different pattern when rolled up verses down. This difference can show up with a sheened paint like Benjamin Moore Pearl.

When painting smooth walls it is best to "back roll" in a downward direction. Example – Apply your paint in the typical manner, up and down, then drop back and re-roll the section (without rewetting the roller) in a down only pattern. This usually takes care of a roller marks. Applying paint in this manner works best when the paint is applied thickly and not allowed to dry too much before re-rolling.

Also, if the paint is drying too fast add either Floetrol paint conditioner or a splash of water. This also helps reduce roller marks.

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