Answer for What kind of paint should I use for bathroom cabinets?

Painting your cabinets is one option. The type of finish paint I like for cabinets is oil based enamel which is very hard and durable. A high quality acrylic will also give good results and is easier to use. Paint will give you the color you desire, but this will be a solid color unlike a stain which shows the wood grain.

Another option is to "restain" the cabinets using a gel stain. This involves a similar procedure as <a href="">refinishing kitchen cabinets</a>. Instead of using a standard wiping stain use a gel stain applied with a white bristle brush. <a href="">Applying a gel stain to already finished cabinets</a> can be tricky and requires some practice. Purchase a prefinished cabinet door that approximates your current cabinet color from your local home improvement center and do some experimenting with this option.

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