House Painting Tips Plus Articles From Various Authors

Often a house painting tip or two is all that is needed to keep you on the path to success and quality. The complexities of house painting are often overlooked by the “do-it-yourselfer”.

As a professional painter I have learned a few tricks concerning just about every aspect of this business.

On this page I will publish house painting tips and articles concerning as many topics as I can possibly write about plus articles submitted to the site. Just follow the links to the information you need.

5 Convenient Tips To Paint Garage Walls

By Sherry J.
House garages are just one of the many things that formed and developed along with the advancement of technology. At first, garages were used as stables where carriages and horses are kept. As cars became ...
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5 Uses for Paint Samplers

So, you have been trying out different paint colors for your walls. Those small sampler bottles have been great for eliminating color choices once you paint a swatch on the wall. In fact, by the time you have painted ...
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Back Rolling and Back Brushing

Two house painting techniques used to push the primer or paint into the surface is back rolling and back brushing. This takes place during spray paint application. Using an airless paint sprayer is a great way to apply either the ...
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Back Rolling: Your secret weapon

By Mike Miller (
One of the most effective and lesser-known tricks that the professional painter uses is called back rolling. Back rolling is the act of using a roller to spread paint across a surface immediately after spraying. ...
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