House Painting Tips Plus Articles From Various Authors

Often a house painting tip or two is all that is needed to keep you on the path to success and quality. The complexities of house painting are often overlooked by the “do-it-yourselfer”.

As a professional painter I have learned a few tricks concerning just about every aspect of this business.

On this page I will publish house painting tips and articles concerning as many topics as I can possibly write about plus articles submitted to the site. Just follow the links to the information you need.

Low VOC Paint

Environmentally friendly products are hot these days, and virtually every paint manufacturer now carries a line of low VOC paints. How do low VOC paints impact the environment and your health? Are they really as “green” ...
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No VOC Paint

Low VOC paints are almost the industry standard today, but many manufacturers are going a step further, creating no VOC paints that are even safer. No VOC is actually a misnomer, because it is virtually impossible to produce a ...
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NPA’s removal tips for paint and wall coatings

By Guy Alexander Bell (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Our UK paint website is well known for tips and advice about applying paint, but we felt that a tip or two about REMOVING paint would also add to the balance of things, so how do you remove paint? ...
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Old Fashioned Paint Recipes

Few modern paints created with synthetic materials can truly claim to be VOC-free. Old-fashioned paint formulas created with natural pigments and binders are surprisingly durable and attractive. These non-toxic paint ...
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Where did paint come from?

By Daniel Anderson
Budgeting for your interior house painting project? Maybe you are planning on upgrading your room. Have you ever wondered what paint product you should use? The oldest house paint was made of lime mixed with milk and sometimes natural ...
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How to Manage Paint Disposal

The best way to deal with paint disposal is to purchase and use enough for the job with very little left over. Often this isn’t always possible, since paint estimating isn’t an exact science. Plus, you should try to ...
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Choosing a Paint Sheen

When choosing paint, your first consideration will, of course, be color. But sheen is just as important. Simply put, sheen is a measurement of a paint’s gloss or shine. The amount of light a finish reflects can make your color ...
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Paint Types & Where to Use Them

By Michael J. Butler - E-Z Painting (Chicago, IL & New York, NY)
High Gloss (70+ on a 60 degree gloss meter) Where to Use – For kitchen & bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, banisters & railings, trim, furniture, door jambs & windowsills. Comments – More ...
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Painter & Decorator – A History

By Michael J. Butler (E-Z Painting Inc.)
A painter and decorator is a tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings such as houses, and is also known as a decorator or house painter. History of the trade. In England, little is known of ...
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