Interior Painting Information

The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes. Most of these spaces can benefit from a new look.

The most cost effective and quickest home improvement project is interior painting. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house just by using paint!

Interior house painting can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. In order to be the one in control, you need information. That’s what this page is all about. Connecting you to the basic interior painting information you need to complete the transformation of your living space successfully.

Interior painting is inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself. The cost savings and decorative improvement with painting a room can be substantial when compared to other improvements such as new carpet or furniture.

With the right colors, the feel of a room can change completely and become a more enjoyable living space. The use of dark or vibrant colors can add spice to a dull room. But beware. These are difficult colors to apply.

Confining vibrant colors to one wall for an accent wall is a great way to change the overall feel without breaking the bank. Painting just one wall can be a quick and easy way to achieve a new look. Learn more about decorative painting.

Even though a do-it-yourself interior painting project is cost-effective, you must be willing to make a considerable investment of time and patience, which is not always easy after you’ve put in a full day at the office.

To save time and avoid frustration, you must have a plan. Before getting started, you need to understand all the processes involved in painting a room and what materials are needed. The following links will show you where to begin.

Painting of a small room in progress.

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How Can Painting Affect Your Health?

By Karl
Painting is a great way to make updates to your home. When homeowners are looking to remodel or change the style of their home, painting can add that finishing touch to a house project. What some people don’t ...
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How To Brush Paint On Walls

Brushing or “Cutting” as pros refer to it, is probably the most basic technique that you need to learn for Painting… This Technique applies to cutting a line anywhere: ceilings, casings, mouldings ...
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How To Brush-Cut A Line

Learning how to “cut” a line is probably the most crucial part of all painting. If you can master it you are on your way to Professionalism… This Technique apples to cutting a line anywhere: ceilings, ...
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How to Choose Interior Paint for House Painting

By Jason Thibodeaux - JMA Painters (Lafayette, LA 70506)
When it comes to choosing the right interior paint for your house painting project, it can be a little confusing for some people. House paint comes in many different paint finishes and it’s ...
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How to Cut Clean Lines

By Mark - Spray ‘n Coat (Boise, ID)
Some people think that painting clean lines requires a surgeon-like steady hand. While that does certainly help, understanding how the eye works is more of the trick than anything. The trick is to remember, “The wall GOES ...
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How To Decide On Kitchen Paint

By Scarlett (Houston, Texas)
Your kitchen is the heart of the home and you want a decor that really stands out and gives the kitchen a unique look and feel to it. Choosing kitchen paint colors is important because it will set the mood for that ...
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How to get a good finish on MDF

By Skirtings R Us
As a manufacturer of MDF skirting boards, we receive plenty of questions regarding how best to paint MDF mouldings – especially from customers who have chosen to purchase un-primed mouldings. This article ...
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How to Paint a Garage Floor

There is no project that will aesthetically improve your garage floor than finishing it with glossy and durable epoxy paint. Just like any other painting project, the key to concrete floor painting can be broken down ...
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How To Paint Windows

If you are Painting a Window, either interior or exterior, this demonstration will clarify the steps required… Includes; painting the outside edges, caulking and brushing techniques. *After viewing please consider ...
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How To Paint Without Leaving Brushstrokes

By Kopeck Painting
How To Paint Without Leaving Brushstrokes If you’ve tried hand painting a piece of furniture, you’ve probably run into a common problem: unsightly brushstrokes that ruin your paint job. Unless ...
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How To Roll A Ceiling

By Magic Dave - (Warren, Michigan, USA)
First, attach the long extension stick to the roller handle. Painters call this the “idiot stick”; you will see why… Load up the skin with enough paint, but not to the dripping point… Always roll from ...
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How To Roll Paint On Ceilings

Rolling Ceilings is a technique that must be practiced a lot before you will get satisfactory results with your Painting projects… Once mastered, you will feel great satisfaction after finishing a large ...
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How To Roll Paint on Walls

When you Roll a Wall, you need to do it the right way, to get satisfactory results, and this video demonstration will guide you towards that end… Once mastered, you will feel great satisfaction after finishing a ...
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How to Stay Safe While Painting

Although painting is not generally considered to be a dangerous home improvement job, there are some tips you can follow in order to make sure you stay safe. Just as with any other type of home improvement or ...
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Using an HVLP Spray Gun

An hvlp spray gun can be difficult to use at first. Spraying any clear finish or paint with an hvlp or cup gun can be a little tricky, but with practice using this type of paint spaying equipment will become easy. A HVLP system is ...
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Ideas for Using Left Over Paint

You have just finished painting and there is paint left in the can. It is not a lot, but you cannot bear to throw it away. What can you do with left over paint? Let the ideas below inspire you to waste not and, in ...
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