Interior Painting Information

The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes. Most of these spaces can benefit from a new look.

The most cost effective and quickest home improvement project is interior painting. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house just by using paint!

Interior house painting can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. In order to be the one in control, you need information. That’s what this page is all about. Connecting you to the basic interior painting information you need to complete the transformation of your living space successfully.

Interior painting is inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself. The cost savings and decorative improvement with painting a room can be substantial when compared to other improvements such as new carpet or furniture.

With the right colors, the feel of a room can change completely and become a more enjoyable living space. The use of dark or vibrant colors can add spice to a dull room. But beware. These are difficult colors to apply.

Confining vibrant colors to one wall for an accent wall is a great way to change the overall feel without breaking the bank. Painting just one wall can be a quick and easy way to achieve a new look. Learn more about decorative painting.

Even though a do-it-yourself interior painting project is cost-effective, you must be willing to make a considerable investment of time and patience, which is not always easy after you’ve put in a full day at the office.

To save time and avoid frustration, you must have a plan. Before getting started, you need to understand all the processes involved in painting a room and what materials are needed. The following links will show you where to begin.

Painting of a small room in progress.

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Interior House Painting Steps

By anonymous.
Once you have a planned your painting project carefully, there are certain interior house painting steps that will help you accomplish the quality results you’ll be proud of for years to come. Interior House ...
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Interior House Painting Tips And Suggestions

By Mike Saam - Mikes Painting (Fayetteville, NC)
The ins and outs of Interior Painting Interior house painting is one of the many ways to add a new feel to any room. Interior house painting is the most cost effective way to give your home a new look. ...
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How to Paint Interior Trim

The interior trim outlines a room and enhances its dimensions. Unintentional nicks and dents will be a distraction from the room’s special features. Keeping your interior trim looking like new can seem like a full time job. ...
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Kids Room Paint Ideas

Looking for kid’s room paint ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Decorating kid’s rooms in fun and unusual ways makes sense. Your children are only little once. Besides these areas are the perfect place ...
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Low VOC Paint

Environmentally friendly products are hot these days, and virtually every paint manufacturer now carries a line of low VOC paints. How do low VOC paints impact the environment and your health? Are they really as “green” ...
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No VOC Paint

Low VOC paints are almost the industry standard today, but many manufacturers are going a step further, creating no VOC paints that are even safer. No VOC is actually a misnomer, because it is virtually impossible to produce a ...
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Nursery Painting Guide For New Parents

By Brittany Wren
Expectant parents have a lot on their minds. Parenting styles, birth preference plans, car seat safety, health insurance, doctor’s visits, daycare options, diaper rash cream and a college savings plan, ...
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Old Fashioned Paint Recipes

Few modern paints created with synthetic materials can truly claim to be VOC-free. Old-fashioned paint formulas created with natural pigments and binders are surprisingly durable and attractive. These non-toxic paint ...
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Choosing a Paint Sheen

When choosing paint, your first consideration will, of course, be color. But sheen is just as important. Simply put, sheen is a measurement of a paint’s gloss or shine. The amount of light a finish reflects can make your color ...
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Paint Types & Where to Use Them

By Michael J. Butler - E-Z Painting (Chicago, IL & New York, NY)
High Gloss (70+ on a 60 degree gloss meter) Where to Use – For kitchen & bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, banisters & railings, trim, furniture, door jambs & windowsills. Comments – More ...
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