Interior Painting Information

The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes. Most of these spaces can benefit from a new look.

The most cost effective and quickest home improvement project is interior painting. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house just by using paint!

Interior house painting can be as simple or as elaborate as you prefer. In order to be the one in control, you need information. That’s what this page is all about. Connecting you to the basic interior painting information you need to complete the transformation of your living space successfully.

Interior painting is inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself. The cost savings and decorative improvement with painting a room can be substantial when compared to other improvements such as new carpet or furniture.

With the right colors, the feel of a room can change completely and become a more enjoyable living space. The use of dark or vibrant colors can add spice to a dull room. But beware. These are difficult colors to apply.

Confining vibrant colors to one wall for an accent wall is a great way to change the overall feel without breaking the bank. Painting just one wall can be a quick and easy way to achieve a new look. Learn more about decorative painting.

Even though a do-it-yourself interior painting project is cost-effective, you must be willing to make a considerable investment of time and patience, which is not always easy after you’ve put in a full day at the office.

To save time and avoid frustration, you must have a plan. Before getting started, you need to understand all the processes involved in painting a room and what materials are needed. The following links will show you where to begin.

Painting of a small room in progress.

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Painting Doors

Learn how to paint interior doors for a new fresh look. The door is a main focal point of any space and painting doors can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of a room’s decor. Many doors see a lot of use and often ...
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Painting Ideas For A Nursery

By Scarlett (Houston, Texas)
If you are expecting a baby, you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for the new arrival. There are clothes to buy, supplies needed, and of course, you must have a nursery that is decorated and ready. There are ...
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Painting in Interior Designs

Interior design is all about creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment in your home. One of the most important aspects of interior design is choosing the right colors for your walls. The right ...
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Painting Interior Brick

An easy way to put new life into a dingy fireplace or brick wall is by using paint. Painting interior brick is an easy project requiring a little patience and a few materials. These ideas can be used to add a little pizazz ...
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Painting: It’s a Bargain

By Courtney and Wise (Sydney, Australia)
In an economic downturn, it’s harder to decide what investments will be the wisest. You may be putting off having your home painted till things seem more settled. In fact, painting can be your best investment. With ...
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Painting Metal

By Stefano
Painting Metal Surfaces to Last Anyone who has had need to paint metal surfaces or who is a professional with working with metals, painting and such knows fully well that painting metal is way different from painting ordinary ...
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Painting Over a Wall Mural

When the time comes to paint over that outdated wall mural on the bedroom wall, the job may be more difficult than you think. Depending on the type of paint that the artist used, covering the spot may not be easy. ...
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Painting Over Oil Based Paint

When you want to redecorate your home, painting is usually the easiest way to transform spaces within. A gallon of paint is much less expensive than rolls of wallpaper or sections of paneling. It is also less ...
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Painting Over Wallpaper

It’s not always feasible to remove existing wallpaper. If your walls are damaged, the paper has already been painted over, or if it was installed directly over unsealed drywall, the best option may be to paint over ...
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Painting Paneling

Painting paneling is an easy project and it looks great when finished. There is a series of steps that’s required before the paint is applied to the paneling. These steps are cleaning, apply a primer, fill nail holes and ...
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Painting Trim

By Painter Tim
I recently painted a two story house that was absolutely filthy. The owner wanted all the rooms painted, ceiling and trim included with windows and doors. While not a full time painter, I love to paint and am good at it. The trim ...
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Painting Walls With a Roller

When you think about painting walls you probably imagine brushing and rolling the finish. This is the most popular method and makes a great do-it-yourself project for every homeowner. To get the wall painting done quickly and still ...
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Painting Walls Red

By Jack Pauhl (Cleveland, Ohio)
Painting walls red is perhaps the most difficult range of color to get nice solid coverage. Here are a few painting tips on how to get the best solid coverage when painting shades of red. First, the quality of paint has little ...
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Painting Your Floors

Although some people might cringe at the thought of painting a floor, it can actually be an easy way to spruce up a worn floor and brighten up the entire room. Floor paint is specially designed to be durable, and is able to ...
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Types of Power Sanders

Power sanders are great tools to help with the removal of old peeling paint. The amount of effort spent sanding depends on the sander used. Your efforts can be wasted using the wrong tool. Each type of sander has very specific uses. ...
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Refinshing a Laminate Countertop

By Jeannie (Robards, Ky)
Our house was built in the early “90’s”. With all the blue, needless to say, I was a little tired of light blue. Here is a picture of it almost done. The total cost of refinishing the counters ...
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