Interior Paint Prep – Your Resource Page for Preparing Interior Rooms for Painting

Preparation is the foundation of a beautifully painted room. We’ve included a list of interior paint preparation articles here so you can get the same professional results we do—results that last for years to come.
Room covered and masked, ready for paint spraying.

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Priming Before Painting and Decorating

By Dan B - Robuild London Painters (London, UK)
Always work in a set order. If you work in a house where wood–boring insects are particularly troublesome, start by painting the underside of the unit. It is nearest the floor, and therefore most ...
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Sanding Basics

While scraping is the first step of many painting tasks, the preparation should be finished by sanding away rough edges to create smooth, flat surfaces. It is important to feather – which means blend and even out – in ...
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Stomp & Drag

By Randal Walker (Martin, Tennessee)
I have been Stomping and Dragging ceilings for 16 years. I use a galvanized wash tub about 13 inches high. I mix my mud in a 5 gallon mud bucket. I then put the mud into the wash tub. Using a sheetrock Hawk, I put it into the mud in ...
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Tips for Sanding Wood

If you picture sandpaper as a sheet with mini-wood cutters glued to the surface, you begin to understand why it’s important to use sandpaper carefully. The following wood sanding tips will help you preserve the value ...
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