Lead Based Paint

While lead based paint has been illegal in the marketplace since the late 1970s, there are many older homes that have lead paint in them. Most of us think of white paint as the most risky color, but lead wasn’t added to just white paint. It helped paint flow onto almost every surface more effectively.

Because lead has such significant health implications, you want to be sure your older home is a safe environment. The only issue isn’t flaking paint. Dust can also be a problem.
Caution, lead paint hazard.

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EPA Lead Law

EPA Certified Lead Paint Renovator The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that renovations and repairs of pre-1978 buildings must now be conducted using safe practices to protect families and workers from exposure to ...
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Safe Lead Paint Removal

By Catherine Brooks (Reston, VA, USA)
Infrared Paint Removal: A Safer, Gentler, Eco-Friendly Method Removal of thick layers of paint off old wood is a challenge for historic restorationists, contractors and homeowners. Professional and experienced ...
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Tips for Sanding Wood

If you picture sandpaper as a sheet with mini-wood cutters glued to the surface, you begin to understand why it’s important to use sandpaper carefully. The following wood sanding tips will help you preserve the value ...
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