Choose The Best House Paint For Your Project

Many people, my customers included, don’t put a lot of thought in the type of house paint they need in order to have lasting performance. Most people think of paint as a decorative element that provides protection to a surface.

The reality is opposite. Paint is a protective film that has decorative capabilities.

Paint manufactures are constantly trying to improve their products for the best performance, but they also know that no one will purchase these products if they don’t offer a decorative appeal.

This explains the confusing volume of products on the shelves.

Choosing the best and most proper house paint to use is as important as the surface preparation and the application techniques used. An understanding of the different kinds will allow you the best opportunity at choosing house paint for maximum performance and decorative appeal.

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Why Use Low or No VOC Paints

By Brando Giron, Eco G Painters (San Diego, CA, USA)
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are, essentially, fumes. They can be as pleasing and benign as the scent of a pine tree or as toxic as benzene. When it comes to painting, we’re talking about VOCs on the latter ...
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