Paint Safety Equipment

House painting is inherently a little dangerous and there are several types of paint safety equipment that can make a big difference. The need for paint safety equipment varies from job to job but the basics are the same;

  • Protect exposed skin from caustic chemicals.
  • Protect the eyes from paint chips or drips.
  • Protect the lungs from dust or spray mist.


While using any of the painting tools for preparation or application dust, mist and fumes will be produced. The dust from sanding can be the most dangerous part of painting, especially if old lead based paint is involved.

Additional pieces of safety equipment have to do with the most dangerous piece of equipment you own – ladders. Most injuries occur from falls; this puts ladder safety near the top of the list.

The list of safety equipment can be extensive, you won’t need all of the items all of the time.  Make sure you are properly prepared for the task at hand.  The articles below will go into greater detail of specific equipment that is needed for specific tasks.

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Stay Safe While Painting

By Stefano
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What to Wear While Painting

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X-Board by Trimaco

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