House Painting Tools – Good Tools Make a Big Difference

Purchasing professional quality house painting tools is one of the most important investments you will make as you participate in more painting projects. Professional quality tools will save time and considerable effort when compared to cheaper alternatives.

With the right set of tools it is possible to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to finish your house painting project. Good tools help guarantee great results. Using inferior and cheap painting tools will provide endless hours of frustration. Plus, they will need replacing soon after they are used. If cared for properly, quality tools will last a lifetime.

Tools needed for house painting can be separated into a couple of categories;

(1) preparation and (2) application. You may already have some of the painting tools needed and some will need to be purchased.

A basic painters tool kit consist of hand tools, screw drivers and pliers, a 5-way or 11-in-1 multipurpose tool, putty knifes, both stiff and flexible, a couple of spackling knifes, drop cloths, brushes and a roller set-up. The amount of tools you need depends on your project. The more the better, I’m a big fan of tools. It’s better to work smarter than work harder.

All of these house painting tools and more will save you a lot of time and additional effort. Also many are suitable for interior or exterior projects. Choose top quality painting tools, combine this with knowledge and you are half way to a beautiful home you can be proud of.

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Hand Held Masking Machine

Save Time and Effort While Protecting a Surface Using a hand held masking machine will save time and effort in protecting a surface before painting. Protecting non-painted surfaces is as important as quality paint. Try as you ...
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By Ulrich Henssge (5404 High Tech Drive, Beaselton, GA 30517)
Money & Time Saving Tips using the MAGNETIC DOOR HINGE COVERS FOR PAINT JOBS Your current cost per door to Tape, Re-Tape, Clean including all Materials & Labor is an average of US $6.69 PER DOOR. That is not including the ...
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New Painting Buddy System

By Dan Dattilo
The New Painting Buddy System belt attached paint bucket holder with removable dripless paint bucket positions your paint bucket at your side for easy access, allowing you to work more comfortably without having to carry ...
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Hey everyone; Just wanted to send an FYI out on a great new product that our company (John Hughes Custom Painting), use on every job. The Banister Drop Cloth is sold only ONLINE with HOME DEPOT. We love this product. It ...
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Pierce & Seal Caulk Saver Tool

By BPMI USA (Tigard, OR USA)
The BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saver tool is fantastic for anyone who uses caulking. If you were to look around in garages, contractor truck beds and job site tools boxes, you would easily find tubes of unused ...
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Types of Power Sanders

Power sanders are great tools to help with the removal of old peeling paint. The amount of effort spent sanding depends on the sander used. Your efforts can be wasted using the wrong tool. Each type of sander has very specific uses. ...
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Preparing the floor before painting.

By Ann (Anaheim, CA USA)
I find using plastic is a huge hassle and is not as affective as using brown paper that you can buy by the roll in the paint department. Plastic always has the tendency to move, or get torn, or get its ...
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Proper Tools For House Painting

Your choice of Tools for any Painting task is very important and using poor or cheap tools will only cause you more trouble down the road, MORE WORK and an INFERIOR JOB… Full list for most interior paint ...
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Seven Tips for Ladder Safety

Do-it-yourself homeowners are notorious for home improvement mishaps. From hammered fingers to bruised shins, there is no end to the ways that home owners can find to injure themselves while remodeling their homes. ...
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Spray paint: Flawless wall painting.

By siem
Whenever we talk about painting walls, we picture the paint brushes and rollers up in our head. Although these conventional techniques are most widely used, but there are many flaws encountered in these ...
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Spray Painting Vs. Paint Rolling

By Kristin Herman
So, which is better: Spray painting or paint rolling? While this may be one of the topics that might spring up in home improvement projects, the debate is still there – Which is better? Nonetheless, both painting ...
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The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield

By Paul Zemit (Chicago)
You know the problems, bad plaster or over-cut drywall around the Outlets & Switches. What a Time Consuming PAIN to repair! Finally, there is a quick and easy way to repair this time-consuming problem area ...
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