2 Coats of House Paint

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I am having my home repainted by a professional paint company. I am wondering if there is an advantage to having two coats applied?

5 Answers
MagicDave answered.

No, if the Contractor applies the paint correctly and primes where necessary and uses high quality Paint… 1 heavy coat will due…

Crowder Painting answered.

Interior- 1 good coat is plenty as long as there is good hiding of the existing color.

Exterior- I like 2 coats for exterior painting. The addition of the second coats makes the paint job last longer. This depends on the type of paint used and the surface it is applied too.

Always use the best paint you can afford for the best, long lasting paint job.

JT Creations, LLC answered.

In agreement with Karl on this issue. I also work on the theory of "no one is perfect." One coat of paint is required to suit most warranties although I am not able to guarantee any one that as a painter I will not miss a spot. Therefore, two coats is the rule for our company.

You should always put on two coats! It tells you this on the tin. Even the new one coat paints, benefit from having two coats.

If you look along the wall after applying one coat you will see blemish marks!

ericburns4 answered.

Most of my clients tend to keep changing their mind throughout the year and so does the color of the interior. So instead of charging for double coat, I prefer going for single coat. While on the exterior, since the weather outside is a bit harsh in comparison to indoors, a double coat is a must.