2000 Flushes–ON MY WALL!!!!

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RB asked 10 years ago

Hi, I recently started a bath remodel and in the process wound up with more than a little of bright blue 2000 Flushes on the wall. I’ve tried primer and now 3 coats of Kilz and the stain looks as bright as it did the day it happened. Can you recommend a super-duty stain blocker to cover this?

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

The way your post reads, I wonder if you have tried to apply a finish coat or two to the affected area. Primers will usually not hide the stain but will stop it from bleeding. Only a finish coat of paint will hide the stain.

If you have applied two to three coats of finish paint to the area, I urge you to visit a local paint dealer for help. The department store guys will not give you much assistance with this.