New plywood deck floor

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mitchvo asked 5 years ago

I replaced my plywood deck flooring and coated it with Thompson’s clear water seal. What type of paint should I use? I want no-slip deck with maximum water protection. I live close to Sacramento, California, so it gets to 100° in the summer and winter are mild and rarely gets to freezing.

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MagicDave answered.

If painting it is what you want… then first you need to PRIME it with an Exterior Grade oil base wood Primer… 1 coat… then after it’s dry, top coat it with an Exterior Porch & Deck Ename color of choice, use an Acrylic paint, high grade, like Sherwin Williams… Your paint store will sell you a Grit-Like Material to add to the paint, to make it very slip resistant… just follow label directions… Good Luck!