Alligatoring Paint on newly painted cabinets

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James Coats asked 5 years ago

I had some old cabinets recently painted by a well known (in this area) company. I’m told they sanded them, cleaned them, primered and painted. The paint is oil based Sherwin Williams.
It is “alligatoring badly”. They say it has only happened to them 3 out of 100 times. That they are not sure why it happened, that they think it may be due to grease build up.
From what I’ve researched and found, and what the Sherwin Williams store tells me, it is due to

  1. painted over primer that is not dry, or
  2. painted on too thick

What do you think?

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Crowder Painting answered.

All 3 are viable reasons for the alligatoring.  A 4th reason is heavy soap scum or film left behind after cleaning.  
My questions is; What is this company doing to fix the problem?  No matter what the cause they should be fixing it quickly, taking all stress off your shoulders.  Make sure this company fixes everything to your satisfaction.

James Coats answered.

Thank you very much for the reply; the painters said fixing it would “take a lot of work”, and apologized. Then left.
Their Manager says they will do whatever it takes to correct it, but he said his painters would correct it prior to finishing too. I have asked to speak to someone above him. The alligatoring isn’t the only issue with the work they did 🙁 I haven’t paid them yet, so there is that, but it is very disappointing and frustrating. 
Thanks again

Crowder Painting answered.

My advice- don’t pay until everything is fixed!  We do many kitchens every year and yes bad things can happen (very rare) but I would be embarrassed if my customer seen this.  Better to find the problem and fix it before the customer see’s it.   

James Coats answered.

I won’t be paying them until it’s right 🙂

MagicDave answered.

I agree wait tiil they strip and refinish it… Good luck.