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JoGib asked 7 years ago

I was stupid and cheap by mixing Behr interior paint and Rustoleum paint to create my own color. My teenage son and I painted this bedroom and after 4 weeks it still smells like paint. Is this dangerous for his health? If so can I just paint over the walls with another interior paint or do I have to remove/sand walls before applying new paint?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Dangerous, probably not.  But if you experience headaches, dizziness, or allergic reactions then it could be a problem.  If ventilating isn’t working then you could prime and repaint.  You don’t need to remove/sand the paint but using a good sealing primer will be needed to stop the smell.  I would try a water-based primer first, like Zinsser 123 or Gripper, and find out if this will seal up the smell.  If not then a stronger primer will be needed, tinted shellac.