Another tool than a paint brush to paint wooden walls.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Painting Tool Use and CareAnother tool than a paint brush to paint wooden walls.
Bella asked 6 years ago

I have the whole of the interior of my house to paint. It’s an old house and both ceilings and walls are made of wood planks(horizontal) 4 inches wide. There is 30 (!) of them along each wall. Yes, high ceilings. It’s a nightmare!

I have done only half a kitchen and I’m exhausted already. It took me 4 days to do just this couple of walls (after washing the walls I have to use undercoat/primer I think you are calling it, I’m not a painter and I don’t know the terms for all this). My whole arm is aching and I’m afraid to develop a carpal tunnel syndrome in it. The house is huge (9 rooms in all, including hall and study but excluding bathroom). I really need an alternative to a paint brush to help me paint it all faster. Any ideas how to deal with this problem will be appreciated.

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