Bad ceiling paint job.

Paul Fernandes asked 9 years ago

I’m finishing my basement. I started to paint my ceiling and I got my father in law to help out. We primed once, let it dry a few days, then we painted with a latex flat ceiling paint 1 coat. Let it dry overnight then the second coat. I have noticed a lot of roller marks on the ceiling and there’s areas that when you look at it from a distance it looks like that spot has no paint but it does.

I have painted a lot before and never had a problem so this really has me stuck. I need to fix the problem and I hope you can help.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

There are a couple of possibilities why this might have happened; the paint is soaking into the surface unevenly even with a primer or the paint was applied unevenly.

I have noticed that a lot of paints now days are thicker, stickier and harder to use. I would blame the paint!

Try applying another coat of paint. If the paint is too thick add a little water to help it flow onto the surface. This might make it easier to apply as well.