Bad paint job that needs to be fixed.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Painting QuestionsBad paint job that needs to be fixed.
Felicia Adams asked 10 years ago

I just moved into my apartment and the paint job is pretty bad. I don’t know if they used bad paint, too much paint, or just didn’t know what they were doing. The paint is clumpy, dull and peeling. They painted the windows shut and the knobs on the doors and there is paint splattered on the floors. I didn’t realize it was this bad till I moved in.

I want to fix it, but I wouldn’t begin to know where to start. I need to know how I would fix the walls, how to get the paint off the wooden and tile floors and also how to get the windows to open. I am not a painter so please also tell me what paint brush and what type of paint I would need to fix this and where I would be able to get the items.

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MagicDave answered.

Crack open the windows using a screw driver and hammer… sand down all painted surfaces using a coarse grade block-type sander… use coarse steel wool and lacquer thinner to remove paint from knobs, floors, and tile surfaces… get materials at Home Depot…