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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

We moved into a home where smokers previously resided. We hired a professional painter to prime with Kilz 2 throughout the entire house. In the large majority of the house the Kilz was put on very thin, to the point that the yellow color from the nicotine residue is seeping through and you can easily see the previous color paint right through the Kilz. When we began painting over it (i.e. ceilings), we are having to do 2-3 coats minimum for coverage.

The last 2 rooms of the house they rushed through. The paint is sagged and dripping where it was rollered. Where the paint was brushed, it is smooth. I contacted the painter who stated there was so much “residue” on the walls the paint would not stick and that is why it looked that way. He stated he was not surprised it sagged and the drips should easily sand out. We are ready to paint the room and tried to sand the drips and they are anything but easy to sand out.

For additional information, they painted ceiling, walls, and trim of a 2500 sq foot house, 13 rooms and 3 hallways with 10 gallons of Kilz 2.

I question his response that the paint sagged because of the nicotine as it did not sag in other rooms of the house which were more heavily smoked in. I believe it was due to the fact they were rushing and used too much paint. Is his claim that the dripping and sagging is from the nicotine residue valid? If so, would a reputable painter leave a job in that state? Lastly, how do we remedy the situation since the sanding is so difficult?

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