Bathroom Paint Issue

Alesha asked 7 years ago

I painted my bathroom with satin superpaint from Sherwin Williams. It is paint and primer in one. I painted over existing paint. After applying the second coat, while it was still wet, the paint began peeling off in sheets. It peeled clean off of the drywall. It only did it in some areas, other areas are okay. I don’t know how to fix it without there being lines, and I don’t want the other areas to peel later. Some things I watch say to peel it all off. Other say to leave it and use drywall mud over lines. Please help. Do I need to redo the whole thing?

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Obviously you didn’t prepare the surface before hand… which should have been to look it over for holes or cracks or loose paint and repair with Spackle as required… then give the WHOLE room a coat of Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then after about 1-2 hrs, finish coat with a High Grade Semi Gloss Acrylic Paint (don’t use any product that has primer in it… just regular paint) Baths will get EXTREME ware due to high moisture and temperature and need this type of prep before any painting! So start over by doing it like this… and if you don’t know how to Spackle Correctly… read up on it ( my web site has an excellent page on that technique, here is a direct link: // ) Good Luck!