Benjamin Moore Moorglo

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Has anyone noticed changes with Benjamin Moore MoorGlo lately? It seems the stuff doesn’t flow easily, won’t level itself.

3 Answers
MagicDave answered.

You could have a "bad batch" which occurs 1 out of 1000 times… Tip; BM is really NOT a high quality paint… use Sherwin Williams Classic-99 for best results!

Anonymous answered.

Benjamin Moore MooreGlo is very good paint. It is possible it is a thick batch. Does the paint seem too thick? You can add a splash of water to it, this could help. Or use Flotrol to get the flowing results your after.

Anonymous answered.

The paint itself is not thick as Aura paint. I didn't have any problem applying Aura thick, but Moorglo yes.

I was thinking the same thing it might be a bad batch.