Best method to strip a redwood ceiling.

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Tom asked 10 years ago

A customer asked me about stripping a 50 year old redwood tongue and groove exterior porch ceiling. It looks like old dried out varnish and there is stain underneath, which will also have to be sanded to restore to original color. My question is what is the best method and the best stripper to use. The ceiling is appx. 5′ x 15′. How tedious should I expect the work to be and what is the best product to use with the least mess?

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

An answer from a long time stripper. Do not try to strip a ceiling. Sanding is by far the best option here. Dust masks, sanders with vacuum attachments and elbow grease will be the better way. 75 square feet of sanding would figure to cost me a day and a half of labor. Probably $150.00 worth of materials and supplies.