Bi-level living area color dilema.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have a 1968 bi-level and have a color dilema. I painted the first wall you see which has door openings to both the kitchen and dining area a darker color – rust. I was thinking of taking it around the “long wall” that connects the living room and dining room the same color there is trim to divide the 2 spaces. This is the entertainment wall. The dining room is a warm golden color. Would this look funny? The window wall in the living room is a bisque color with rust curtain panels.

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Anonymous answered.

This is an excellent idea that will tie several rooms together and draw the eye across your entertainment spaces. The rust curtain panels will provide an attractive accent, and the "warm golden color" will offset any lost light.

Anonymous answered.

Bringing the rust, bisque and golden colors close to one another would not be a problem as they are all warm colors in the harvest palette and they compliment one another. I think that dramatic colors sometimes call attention to themselves if you do not harmonize them well with appropriate furniture, decor, or wall items. But even it they do stand out, if they are attractive, this is not a problem either. Be bold with your color choices and love them and your friends will too.