Bid for cedar shake siding?

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I have a potential client with a restoration business, from what he has told me most of his work is high end work. I have been a sub contractor for a big painting co. for a long time and have fallen out of the loop on pricing. The job is a sizable one with cedar shakes for siding. He wants it brushed and rolled. The siding is faded from being neglected. I think with a good pressure wash I can clean it up enough to get by with one coat of stain,(which is what he wants). He is providing the material,I’m providing the tools and labor. Any advice on pricing would be greatly appreciated.

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well, it must be rough and brushed in with a Ruff-Rider stain brush or it wont work all the way and will look multi-colored. In the few that I have done we were around 3500 for the whole house with one coat and that was sprayed. It really goes into how much prep is there and do you have a few strong guys, brushing can take a quick toll on your shoulders so switching off from person to person as to not injure a shoulder in the mix. And how fast can they move. A two story home with whole walls of ceder shake should take about 6-7 days at most with a four man crew. Hope this helps.

Thank you
Adam Cavenagh